Five Things Every Bride (and Groom) Need to Know

Elyse Wedding Photo.png

1. Your tan will not come off on your dress.

When you prepare your skin for a spray tan by gently exfoliating in advance, and maintain your skin by moisturizing properly, there is no need to fear that anything will transfer to your white gown or suit. When your spray tan develops, it reacts with the top layer of your skin to create semi-permanent color. We call it semi-permanent because it will last as long as the top layer (dead skin) of your skin lasts. Moisturizing not only keeps your skin and tan looking dewy and fresh, but it also helps that top layer to stick around for longer. The last step to ensuring zero transfer onto clothing is to be sure that you wash the bronzer off of your skin once your tan has developed. Unlike your tan, the bronzer provides only temporary color, similar to makeup. You’ll see the bronzer rinse off with ease in the shower, but be sure to thoroughly rinse everywhere the tan was applied, including neck, back, and so on. 

2. Intense work outs are welcomed.

For the same reasons mentioned above, you can sweat it out each day without worrying about speedy or uneven fading or transfer onto clothing. Our tan is designed to be high performing, meaning that you are free to live your life (sweat, swim, move) without compromising the performance of your tan. Since physical abrasion can speed up fading where the interaction occurs (just like exfoliating), we recommend keeping your work out clothing loose leading up to the big day.

3. We’re here to advise you.

Sometimes when planning ahead for such a momentous occasion, it’s helpful to get an expert’s opinion! We’re happy to make recommendations for depth of color, taking into consideration things like time of year, location of your wedding, your personal preferences and skin consultation, timeline to the main event, and more.

4. Consider your partner’s skin tone.

Speaking of considerations, this is one that is often overlooked without an expert’s input. Are they much lighter or darker than you naturally? Have they been out in the sun all summer? Remember who you’ll be standing beside in every picture! This may steer you towards one look over another.

5. A tan trial can help!

When in doubt, try it on for size in advance of your big day. If you have a hair or makeup trial, you may also want to schedule a tan trial. This can be a great way to get feedback from your partner, friends or family, and help you feel much more comfortable about which look best fits your wedding style.