Meet Emily #PeopleThatMakeUsGlow

Our clients are the most dynamic individuals, and we love getting to know you. For those that don't know you, what is your superpower?
I'm a new mom (my son Charlie is eight months old), and also have a two year old black lab, Dagny, so I feel like my current superpower is keeping tabs on the two of them! For work, I'm a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp. Exercising has always been my passion and favorite hobby. I never thought of it as being a career option until six years ago when I left my full time job in advertising to pursue fitness. I feel extremely fortunate that I've been able to turn my passion into helping and inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Outside of the house and gym, my husband and I prioritize traveling. We're always booking weekends away and vacations as often as we can. Neither of us like to sit still! 

What neighborhood is home for you?
 South Boston! 

How long have you been tanning with PG?
I’ve been tanning with PG since the mobile days in 2015.

Best part about living in Boston?
I had a list of about 10 things that are my favorite part of living in Boston, and I think it all boils down to Boston being a small city. Boston is a small, tight knit city, which deters some people away, but it’s one of the biggest draws for me that makes it home. You can walk everywhere, you always bump into people you know, you can grab a coffee or meal at an amazing local restaurant in any neighborhood.

One beauty product you cannot live without?
Living Proof dry shampoo!

Why do you tan?
It just makes me feel good! It honestly just makes me feel like I was just at the beach, which is my happiest place to be. I always feel more confident in my skin with a tan- I don't feel the need to wear makeup, my skin is soft and glowy and any outfit instantly looks better, whether it's sweaty workout clothes or a cocktail dress at a wedding.

Why should someone tan with PG?

So many reasons! But my top reasons for tanning with PG are:

- The product is the best. It's the most natural looking tan and also fades in an even way.

- The girls who work at PG are amazing. Very friendly, welcoming, and make you feel completely comfortable and beautiful even though you're standing naked under bright lights :)

- It's a local business. I love supporting Lauren and her team vs going to some big chain tanning place. Their passion to their business is evident in how great their product is.

- You can bring your dog to the studio!