Meet Christiana #PeopleThatMakeUsGlow

Christiana G.jpeg

Our clients are the most dynamic individuals, and we love getting to know you. For those that don't know you, what is your superpower?

I’m currently in the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent, which I’m very excited about! Prior, I was a learning & development sales coach and a 2x sales-excellence-winning sales representative. What I’m known for would probably be, putting my heart, passion, and competitiveness into anything I do! Outside of work, I like to put my energy into CrossFit and pushing myself to be better every day :)

What neighborhood is home for you?

My neighborhood is Bay Village. Most people ask what/where is “Bay Village.” It is actually the smallest officially recognized neighborhood in Boston!

How long have you been tanning with PG?

Since August 2017, and have been consistently going every week with the monthly package :) 

Best part about living in Boston?

Our sports teams! I love being part of the City of Champions. I’ve been a die-hard New England sports fan all of my life - being part of a city that comes together to cheer on our teams has always been a memorable experience.

On Friday night, is it a cocktail or wine?

Definitely a cocktail girl! My go-to is Patron Silver + soda with a splash of grapefruit. Also a sucker for local craft beer. Love spending time at breweries! 

Why do you tan?

Tanning makes me feel so much better! It’s amazing how a little bit of a glow will transform your mood and confidence. Also, spray tanning is a much healthier alternative to tanning in a booth. The booth takes too many visits to see a difference in skin tone, you get results from a spray tan instantly (and most importantly, without the awful UV rays).

What do you love most about tanning with PG?

I love how friendly and sweet the girls are there! The Pure Glow staff are great, professional, and always make you feel comfortable. I’ve tanned with basically every staff member at Pure Glow and they’ve always done a fantastic job!