Meet a Spray Tan Specialist: It's Lauren!

Lauren in PG Uni.jpg

Q: Why did you start Pure Glow?

A: I started PG because there is nothing I love more than being tanned- except for getting all the color without the skin damage or risks of toxic chemicals!

Q: When you’re not at Pure Glow, what are you up to?

A: Walking my dog, Kensie, on the esplanade or experimenting with a new low sugar cookie recipe.  

Q. What is your fav look to spray?

A. This is hard, because I love all of the looks (for different reasons), but if I had to pick I'd say Bronzed! A lot of color can really be show stopping, and it's so fun to witness someone's reaction after a Bronzed. Simply put, it’s pure joy!

Q: Favorite day of the week to spray?

A. Tuesday. I feel set for the week!

Q: Secret tanning tip?

A. I like to gently exfoliate once daily for about two or three days before tanning. It makes my skin feel super prime, and my tan always lasts sooo well when I do so.

Q. Favorite place to show off your tan?

A. Any workout class with mirrors! When I catch myself in the mirror, I feel so much better (confidence boost!) with some healthy color.

Q. Go to post tanning outfit?

A. A dark sweater and black haram pants. Their looser, comfortable, but with the sweater tucked in I still look and feel presentable to go places and see people.

Q. Favorite place currently to sweat off your tan?

A. Back Bay yoga. The heat is just right for this time of year, and it's only a few blocks from the studio! 

Q. When your not dishing out confidence at Pure Glow, where would we find you?

A. This winter I'll be skiing as much as I can in VT, catching up with friends in small cozy restaurants and making an effort to get to know more Boston women in beauty.

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