Meet a Spray Tan Specialist: It's Michaela!


Q: What made you choose Pure Glow as a place to work?

A: I have been obsessed with spray tanning and self-tanning ever since I was a kid. As young as I can remember, I was constantly in my mother’s bathroom cabinets, putting crazy looking/smelling stuff all over my body to get some color. Flash forward to today, I’m putting Pure Glow’s AMAZING stuff on my body and OTHER people’s bodies.  Making people feel confident, beautiful, and glowy, while chatting up a storm in the room. It’s a blast. There’s truly no better feeling than changing someone’s day just by giving them a little bit of a glow.

Q: When your not at Pure Glow, what are you up to?

A: Making music in my room or seeking out Boston’s best taco. I haven’t found it yet, but it’s a work in progress! I love going to any type of live concert- Wally’s in Back Bay is always a treat, too.

Q. What is your favorite look to tan?

A. I love getting sprayed either a Bronzed or Sunkissed! A beautiful tan makes everyone look luminous!

Q: Favorite day of the week to get sprayed?

A: Thursday. I can go home, sleep, wake up, and shower in the AM. Good to go for the weekend!

Q: Secret tanning tip?

A. Using the moisturizer that we carry! This is truly a gift sent from the tanning gods. It keeps me hydrated all day, is super easy to apply, helps my tan fade beautifully, and boosts my tan to last up to a week and a half! 

Q. Favorite place to show off your tan?

A. Definitely out at bars or restaurants in Boston! A fresh tan and a solid jumpsuit has me feeling my most confident self when I’m out. Everyone always asks how I look so good, and when they find out it’s a spray tan they are always shocked.

Q. Go to post tanning outfit?

A. An XXL t-shirt, baggy black sweatpants, and comfy sneaks. 

Q. Favorite place currently to sweat off your tan?

A. Running throughout the city.

Q. When your not dishing out confidence at Pure Glow, where would we find you?

A. I happen to be a frequent flyer at Bell in Hand on either Tuesday or Thursday nights! It’s my go to spot for karaoke-ing and a good time.