Meet a Spray Tan Specialist: It's Victoria!


Q: What made you choose PG as a place to work?

A: Easy answer, the clients! Every day I come into work it’s different. I love chatting with all the women (and men!) that come into the studio. It honestly doesn’t feel like work for me, it’s more like girl time discussing relationships, vacations, restaurants, beauty and celebrity gossip.

Q: When your not at PG, your..

A: Either shopping... or... with my boyfriend Anthony - cooking up a new recipe or trying a new restaurant. Both involving a glass of red wine!

Q. What is your favorite look to spray?

A. Two answers for this question! The tan that’s most satisfying to spray for other clients is a Radiant wedding tan, giving a beautiful glow and evening out any tan lines.. goal being to be even everywhere aka makeup for the body. Second answer: my favorite tan on me, BRONZED! I just live for that “just came back from Miami” tan.

Q: Favorite day of the week to tan?

A: Monday’s... I do my Self-Care Sunday routine that includes exfoliating with my homemade coffee scrub to prep for my spray tan.

Q: Secret tanning tip?

A. Dr. Bronner Castile Soap (Rose is my fave). Keeps me feeling super fresh but works well with my tan!!

Q. Favorite place to show off your tan?

A. Date night or the beach! 

Q. Go to post tanning outfit?

A. An all black track suit. Still look sporty and cute but won’t mess with my fresh tan. 

Q. Favorite place currently to sweat off your tan?

A. In the summer on a lake up in New Hampshire going boating, swimming and wake surfing. Rest of the seasons at Boston Sports Club’s spin studio. I love to use it when it’s empty and I just put on the Peloton app and zone out for an hour! 

Q. When your not dishing out confidence at PG, where would we find you?

A. Aside from spray tanning, I have a real big obsession with products and bikinis. Constantly researching on my computer at my makeup desk with a coffee or when traveling checking out clothing boutiques. My hopes are to start an online retail shop one day! 

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