Demystifying Boudoir with Photographer Valerie Sarron


So what exactly is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is an intimate form of portraiture meant to celebrate YOU! Whether commemorating a wedding, an anniversary, or a special milestone in your life, an intimate portrait shoot is the perfect way to celebrate yourself and create a memory that will last forever. Want to show off your best lingerie looks and step out of your comfort zone? Let’s do it! Want to focus on portraits and emotion? That’s all part of boudoir too! 

A boudoir photography session with VS Photography is a unique, empowering experience that every woman should try at least once.

How has boudoir gained popularity with brides-to-be?

I think boudoir is one of the best gifts to consider for brides-to-be because it’s a gift for your significant other AND yourself. A boudoir session allows you to take pause before your wedding day, and indulge in a day of pampering. It’s an experience that lets you slow down during such a busy time and really take in this special moment in your life--plus, you’ll walk away with images and memories that last a lifetime. You’ll treasure the photos that remind you of being a blushing, beautiful bride, and your significant other will appreciate such a unique gift! 

I also offer plenty of print product options like albums and folios so that you can actually gift something tangible on the big day. And, if you’d like to celebrate with your best girls before the wedding, consider a group session that includes, pampering, beauty treatments, refreshments, and of course, boudoir photos for all!

What advice do you have for those of us that are camera shy?

Most people are shy before their boudoir photography session--it’s completely normal! I do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable. Boudoir is all about embracing your self-confidence and feeling fabulous in your skin, after all! 

A lot of preparation goes into your session before your shoot date, including getting to know one another, questionnaires that go over your personal style and vision, as well as constant contact regarding any questions or concerns you may have. The studio is a private space specifically designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Worried about posing and the camera? Don’t be! I pose right alongside with you during the entire session.

I’ve also worked with women from all different backgrounds, life stages, and body types, so ALL are welcome and should have fun in the boudoir studio!

How do people prepare for a boudoir shoot?

My general tips focus around wardrobe preparation and self-care. I provide wardrobe guidance and tips, as well as shopping recommendations, which generally focus around finding lingerie and clothing items that fit and make you feel fabulous. In terms of self-care, I share a list of my favorite wellness and beauty vendors in the area to indulge in a bit of pampering! I have so many people asking where they can get the perfect sunless tan, and I always send them to Pure Glow for a natural-looking glow! Other preparation tips? Get a good night’s sleep and come in ready to have fun!

For additional questions about how Boudoir works, to get a glimpse of Valerie’s beautiful studio or to view her stunning work, visit VS Photography. While she has yet to add Dudeoir to her portfolio, she (and WE) encourage men to embrace the experience as well!