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Are Spray Tans Safe?

The data on UV ray exposure risk is clear, but are spray tans really a healthy alternative? While the medical community answers a resounding yes [spray tanning is the preferred alternative], we believe the answer to that question lies in scrutiny of the two types of ingredients that make up your spray tan solution: your active ingredients and inactive ingredients.

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Six Signs That Your Spray Tan Experience is Healthy

A lot of places these days seem to be promising that their product is healthy and safe, and those of us that want to make a conscious choice for the better are finding it increasingly harder to navigate the truth from the (false) advertising. Those of us who are prone to skin sensitivity, acne, allergies, irritation or a variety of other skin conditions know all too well how important it is to choose our beauty services and products wisely. In an effort to separate fact from fiction, we’re sharing six easy ways to qualify your local spray tan studio in minutes.

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