Custom Organic Spray Tan Services, Boston, MA

Pure Glow was created out of a need for a truly safe and conscientious spray tan experience

Before becoming founder, I dreamed of a studio that led with knowledge, transparency and didn’t shy away from questions about ingredients.

I longed to change the never ending list of things I didn’t love about conventional spray tans— the questionable scent, unnatural tones, its drying nature, risky staining and transfer onto clothing, its typical 3-day life span, inconsistency of results.

I wanted to create a spray tan experience that was easy, foolproof and fun, but that also prioritized and protected our largest and most important organ—the skin.

What if there was a studio that addressed the questions on your mind before you asked them? Gave you all the information you needed to feel comfortable from the get-go? Understood your skin and preferences so that your tan looked natural and seasonally appropriate? Guided you through everything from level of color to after care so that nothing could go wrong? Took the time to address your concerns and weren’t above drying you by hand if it meant a better result? And what if this were all done by a group of people so fun to talk to that you instantly became friends?

They say that something you can’t stop thinking about is worth pursuing, and so that is how Pure Glow came to be. I believe in the little wins in life, and being able to continuously brighten someone’s day (and skin) makes it all worthwhile.


Why People Tan

Besides one heck of a confidence boost,
there are million reasons to tan with us!


our unique experience

Proprietary Application

proprietary application

Customized to flatter every body shape, create definition and mirror the way the sun would hit you throughout the day, so that your tan always looks genuine.

Color Chemistry

Color chemistry

Rather than trusting us to mix from hundreds of different tones, your skin does the work for us. Our solution reacts directly with the amino acids and melanin in the top layer of your skin so that your tan always looks natural.

Personalized Service

personalized service

We won’t let you move the wrong way, get color on your hands or feet or let nerves fester. Details are everything to us and with our help you’ll quickly become comfortable, knowledgeable and learn to laugh at the best parts of our signature process.

Keeping It Tropical

keeping it tropical

For the utmost comfort while undressing, we keep the heat on high and things breezy in the summer. You can count on us for a summer state of mind, anytime.



You can never be too safe, so we utilize a multi-layer ventilation system and 24/7 air-quality monitoring using Canary technologies for more peace of mind.

Dog Therapy

dog therapy

We encourage you to bring your dog in for organic treats and love, or to simply say hello to one of our resident loungers.


Only Safe Ingredients


Sensitive skin or allergy prone? Expecting or nursing? Get your doctor’s vote of approval and learn a thing or two in the process.



are you ready
to go sunless?